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Hot off the presses and right in time for valentines day!! This new graph pattern is 100% free and ALL Original hand drawn. I took this image from one i drew several years ago. I had this little figurine that was just so stinkin’ cute and I could not resist preserving this cutie in digital format. The figurine itself, is long gone.

Pattern Information & Where to Download:

100% ORIGINAL hand drawn graph.

Pattern requires:
6 colors worsted weight yarn (Red Heart or similar)
Recommended 5.0 or 5.5mm hook size

Finished Size (In stitches):
66w X 76h – includes 2 rows of maroon border all the way around. If you choose to leave this off, finished size would be 62wx72w. Finished size in inches depends on your yarn, hook, and your gauge.

Pattern Notes:
Thank you for purchasing this pattern. You will notice that it “DMC” followed by numbers. These colors are used as a guideline for choosing the colors you wish you use. DMC is a type of embroidery floss used in cross stitch as well as many other projects. By looking up the floss number, you have a good idea of what color YARN to choose in your project, of course, these are just guidelines & you may choose whatever colors you would like. 🙂

By downloading this pattern, I am assuming you have basic knowledge of creating graphgans. If not, please feel free to visit my facebook page (linked on pattern) if you have questions or run into problems.

This graph is designed to be worked using either the Corner to Corner technique or using a bobble stitch.


If you have gotten this far, I imagine you are interested in downloading the pattern. Remember it is completely free!! You can download this from my Craftsy shop, where you can find ALL of my other graph patterns, OR you can click here for the direct link!!

**I have added this pattern to my pattern shop and in my ravelry store as well!! Thanks for downloading!

Just in case anybody was wondering.. The original image is below. Click to see it full size 🙂


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