Coffee Cup Pin Cusion


Coffee cup pin cushion that can be used as a childs toy as long as safety eyes are being used.


3 colors COTTON Yarn (MC, C2, C3)
-I used “I love this Cotton” From hobby lobby.
3.5 mm crochet hook
Tapestry Needle (for weaving in ends)
Small safety eyes and black crochet cotton thread, size 10 (or black embroidery thread, split into 3 strands)

Stitch Glossary
ch – chain
SlSt – Slip Stitch
Rnd – Round
sc – Single Crochet
hdc -half-double crochet
Tr – Triple Crochet
FLO- front loop only
BLO – Back loop only
Rpt – repeat
f/o – finish off
MR – Magic Ring
SC2TOG- Single Crochet 2 together

Pattern Notes:
This pattern is worked in single crochet in the round. All rounds are joined except where mentioned.

this pattern can also be used for a child’s toy, but is not recommended unless you do not do the face or use safety eyes ONLY!

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