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Its Been Awhile, Let me update you

Its been awhile since I have posted. Bad Blogger!!! I have been a little busy. I have finished 2 awesome projects & wanted to share with you. First, I completed this awesome hooded unicorn blanket from MJ’s Off the Hook Designs. Hooded Unicorn Blanket


Let me tell you, the child size blanket worked up so quickly. It uses a HUGE hook, a size I’ve never used before, so I had to adjust my hooking style. Regardless of my hooking style, this was amazing to work with. I used the recommended yarn & colors. It turned out amazingly soft, squishy, & super warm!!! I cannot wait until its new owner receives it. Its already arrived, but its a gift so it has not been opened yet!!!

I really cannot say enough good things about this pattern. It was so easy to follow and as long as your gauge is correct, you will have no problems attaining the proper size you need. I only changed the horn a bit. I didn’t like how many holes it had between the stitches when following the stitch that it used. I think it still turned out quite nice!!






After I finished that awesome hooded unicorn blanket, I whipped up a baby set. Now, keep in mind, I’ve NEVER made any of these items for a baby before. I have never made ANY baby clothes before. So for my first shot, I think I did OK. The dress was the wavy baby dress pattern from Newborn Knots, and the boots and hat came from the Lovely Crow.

The dress pattern was incredibly easy to follow. I changed it up a little bit, because that’s what I always seem to do, but the general pattern was definitely hers. I love how easy it was, especially for someone who has never attempted baby clothing. I swore this dress was going to be way too big for a newborn, but now, after finishing it, it looks like it will be just right!

The boots & hat were tough for me. I must have made 4 boots altogether, but it was worth it. I ended up having to make the stars on the sides with a smaller hook so they fit correctly. I just wish that the pattern had explained how to sew on the stars a bit better, because mine just dont look completely like stars.. The hat was surprisingly simple. I added a hat band and bow to tie it in with the dress. As a bonus, the hat band can be used as a head band for every day use.


Now that you’ve seen what I have been up to, I can tell you that I am working on 2 or 3 new free patterns for my blog as well as some graphs. I am excited to show you what I am working on. In the mean time, Ill be posting tips & tricks and places to find other awesome patterns.

Thanks so much for stopping by. Be sure to check out the patterns for the projects I have recently completed.


Favorite 5! 1/27/17

Its been a couple weeks since I’ve done the favorite 5 list. Life has been hectic! I had some time to get some blogging done today & I am so happy to be able to do so.

This weeks list contains Amigurumi Patterns. I LOVE working up cute little stuffies and this list does NOT disappoint!!

**Disclaimer** None of the photos contained in this post are my property. Copyright belongs with the pattern author.

We will start off with this ADORABLE little fox! I have yet to make this one, but its on my list. As soon as I am finished with my current project, this little guy will be on my hook! Look how cute this Sleepy Fox is!!

Honestly, I can’t say that I’ve seen a cuter fox ANYWHERE!! The pattern is by Eseretanin. Check out the free pattern Here. There are several other patterns on the blog, but I have to say, this little fox is definitely my favorite!

Number 2 on the list is this super cute little dragon!! Dragón de Sant Jordi is a Ravelry.com free pattern download. I Love the sweet look on his face! If you have a ravelry account, log in & download this pattern today! While you’re there, check out Lucia Lanukas other patterns 🙂

This next pattern comes to us from 1DogWoof.  Don’t you just think shes just so cuddly?? I wish I had a unicorn lover to make her for. This is 100% the cutest one on the internet 🙂 Grab the pattern here

Are you looking for something a little different? How about some Cactus (Cacti??)? These fun plants are guaranteed to survive with ZERO water or work on your part (besides the actual crocheting)! I am planning on making a couple to use a pin cushions. Perfect no? Grab the pattern here!!

Lastly, We have a cute dumpling kitty. I could make one in every color! The pattern is a free ravelry download! Head on over to Ravelry.com, Log in & download this cute pattern. While you’re there, be sure to check out Sarah Sloyer’s other patterns!

Thats it for this week!! Hoping to get another list together by next Friday!! Happy Crocheting ya’ll!!

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