The Jersey Beanie

Its been a pretty mild winter here in New Jersey, but that hasn’t stopped the winter hat addiction I seem to have. I love hats. This is one of my favorites so far. Its a super squishy, really soft & warm hat that is quick and easy to make. It works up ridiculously fast. I made 3 different hats in one day!!! I crochet slowly too! If you’re ready for the pattern, keep on reading!! You can download an AD FREE pdf from my shop or from ravelry for $1.00.

The Jersey Beanie

By At WIPS End Crochet – A Work In Progress

February 3, 2017

The Jersey hat is a two color fully ribbed beanie that looks great and is soft & warm. This hat works up quickly, uses 3 colors in total, less than 1/2 skein of each! It’s perfect if you have partial skeins laying around. It is also worked from the top down.


  • Hobby Lobby I love this yarn in 3 colors or any other worsted(4) Weight Yarn- 1 ball of each color
  • J/6.0mm Crochet Hook
  • K/6.5mm Crochet Hook
  • Pompom Maker
  • Scissors
  • Tapestry Needle

Crochet Terms used are US/American

  • Ch– Chain
  • M/R – Magic Ring/Magic Circle
  • SlSt– Slip Stitch
  • dc – Double Crochet
  • Fpdc– Front Post Double Crochet
  • sc–Single Crochet
  • SSC – Split Single Crochet
  • F/O – Finish Off
  • C1 – Color #1
  • C2–Color #2
  • C3 – Color #3
GAUGE: Gauge is important to attain proper size.This swatch is completed by using the following pattern:row 1 dc, row 2Fpdc, row 3bpdc repeat row 2 & 3. When measuring for gauge height, turn your swatch over. You will be able to better distinguish rows. * See gauge photos on last page

Gauge is, using 6.5 mm hook and I love this yarn (4) is:
2 inches = 6sts& 4 rows

Pattern Notes:

*The Split Single Crochet (also called the wainscoat stitch or the center single crochet)is performed by inserting your hook in the “V” of the stitch from the previous round/row. Y/O pull up a loop, Y/O pull through both loops. It is essentially a “SC” but it is not done in the traditional loops of the stitch. –see figure 1

Ch1, Ch2do NOT count as stitches

In this pattern, I join to the 2nd fpdc in the round. This moves the CH2 to the inside of the hat. It also creates a seamless beanie, while not “messing” with the final dimensions. Each fpdc is started around the 1st fpdc from previous round (see figure 2)

Pattern photos are at the bottom of this post


Adult: (Fits head circumference 19.5 – 22 inches & has a length of 8 inches)

Round 1: With 6.5/K hook, 11 DC in M/R (Ch 2 DOES NOT COUNT AS DC). Join with slst to 2nd dc. Ch 2.

Round 2: 2 fpdc around each stitch (22). Join, ch 2

Round 3: fpdc around 1st st from previous row, 2 fpdc around next. Continue around. (33) Join, ch 2

Round 4: fpdc around 1st 2 sts from previous row, 2 fpdc around next. Continue around (44) join, ch 2

Round 5: fpdc around 1st  3 sts from previous row, 2 fpdc around next. Continue around (55) Join, ch 2

Round 6 – 11 1 fpdc in 1st st from previous row and around (55) Join, ch 2

Join C2.

Round 12 – 17: 1 fpdc in 1st st from previous row and around (55) Join, ch 1

Join C3.

Round 18: sc in each stitch around (55). Join in 1st sc. Ch 1

Switch to (J)6.0mm hook

Round 19: ssc in each stitch around (55). Join in 1st ssc. Ch 1

***Instructions for SSC are located near the top of the page.

Round 20: ssc in each stitch around (55). Join in 1st ssc. F/O

Weave in ends.

Make pompom using pompom maker or your preferred method of making them. Attach to top of hat.


I hope you have enjoyed this pattern! I told you it was quick and easy!


***** Please do not distribute pattern without permission.*****

If you sell your finished item, I would appreciate a link back (from your online shop) to my website located:


**If you have any questions about this pattern, please feel free to contact me through my Facebook page found here:


Pattern Photos are Below


Figure 1 –Split Single Crochet AKAWainscoatStitch AKA Crochet Knit Stitch Figure 2 –The inside of the hat showing the CH2 of each row. Showing hook Placement for join.
Place your hook into the 2ndDC of each round for a seamless join. Gauge swatch – front side – 6 stitches = 2 inches Gauge Swatch – BACK side – 4 rows = 2 inches


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